Maintaining Hot Work Steel Tools: Tips for Prolonging Tool Life

Maintaining hot work steel tools is not easy. You need proper ways to maintain them for prolonged life. There are different ways to maintain your hot work tools optimally. Broadly you can categorize them as preventive measures, maintenance and others. Let us get into the details.


Preventive measures


Some of the most helpful preventive measures for maintaining hot work tool steel are:


  • Regular and thorough cleaning: It is one of the simplest heat most efficient was to keep your hot work tool steels in great shape. The specks of dust, dirt, coolants or oil are susceptible to accumulate on the tools. This can lead to severe corrosion, and abrasion, thus subsequently leading to damage. Cleansing the smaller tools is quite easy. You just need a soft cloth to wipe moisture and dirt off. However, it make sense not to use any type of chemical on the tool. Avoid using aggressive surface cleaners also.
  • Proper Storage: Your tools matter big time. Proper storage helps to keep the tools functional and durable for a long time. For optimal storage it is essential to keep that tools in a sufficiently ventilated place which is located away from sunlight. You should also avoid keeping the tools in a dusty, damp or humid place. It is also important to say whether you were giving your tools optimum protection against common causes of physical damage. This means that you have shield them against impacts, breakages and vibration. This is why you might want to store them in specially designed cases, tool boxes, holders, cabinets and racks and the like. Furthermore, it is important to label the tools correctly, so that you can easily locate them.
  • About regular inspection: There are times where in spite of regular lubrication, storage and sharpening, you might see your tools losing their previous efficiency. This is where regular inspection of tools can help. You can look for signs of damages like nicks, deformation, chips and cracks. Moreover, you need to test and measure the tools for performance, alignment and accuracy. In case you notice any type of issues, then consider calling Tool Steel Suppliers in India like TGKSSL, who have specialized teams to address these problems.


Maintenance of Tools


Maintenance of hot work steel tool is equally important. Some of the leading Tool Steel Suppliers in India suggest the following ways to enhance the life of the tool. For example:


  • Lubrication: You must have the tools as and when needed. Proper Lubrication helps in preventing the chances of damages by friction, wear and tear, excessive heat, rust and corrosion. However, different types of tools need different types of lubrication. This all depends on the type of tool and how frequently you use it.
  • Sharpening: Blunt or dull tools might hinder the productivity of the tool. It can also compromise with the accuracy and quality of the tool. On the other hand, regular sharpening can help to extend their service life. With frequent sharpening the tool will work fast with reduced time. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you might make it by using instruments like bench grinder, honing stones and the like. However, for bigger and more sophisticated tools, opt for professional help.