Which are the most common D2 cold-work tool steel Applications?

As a versatile high chromium, high carbon and air-hardening tool steel, the D2 variety features a comparatively high hardness and, in the microstructure, contains a lot of carbides and chromium-rich alloys. Such carbides offer a good resistance to tear from abrasive materials or sliding contact with just about any other metals. You can say that among the other varieties of Cold work steel, D 3 has better toughness and resistance.  They might also be more economical and give relatively better tool performance, which makes them ideal for various applications.


Why Choose D2?


This variety of tools offers a hardness of up to a heat of 797 °F or 425 °. The alloy-rich carbides in this steel, which is rich in chromium, make it well-suited for just about any application that needs substantial durability and wear resistance. This steel has its utility in various applications, such as:


  • Threading tools: This steel has some use in producing dies, taps, as well as rolls to create threads. The hardness of the steel makes it possible to make precise and clean threads.
  • Wear Parts: For any application that might need a lot of wear and friction. This involves products like scraper blades, machine parts, and chipper knives.
  • Forming and blanking dies: They are useful in cutting and also in shaping sheet metal into various forms. D2 has an impressive ability to use a sharp edge as well as to resist the tear that comes with such applications. This makes it perfect for such applications, especially when you are using tough materials, such as stainless steel.
  • Shear Blades and slitting cutters: These tools would help to cut the metal strips. The wear resistance of D2 steel allows such blades to keep a sharper edge for a relatively long time.

On the whole, this type of tool steel is versatile in every way possible.


Applications of D2 Steel


As a popular grade for steel for tool makers, Cold work steel is helpful in preparing various applications of tool making. You can use it for applications like:


  • High-performance tools for cutting like punches.
  • Rolls for sheet metal formation.
  • Dies for blanking and punches for abrasive materials and copper, sheet, zinc and stainless steel.
  • Shear blades and knives for sheets and strips, such as circular cutters and flying shears for cold rolled strips.
  • Knives food processing.
  • Drawing dies.
  • Cupping dies.
  • Trimmer dies.
  • Dies for cold extrusion.
  • Plug gauges.
  • Forming dies.
  • Dies for thread rolling.
  • Thermoforming tools.
  • Milling cutters.
  • Cut moulds, which are helpful for special taps, plastics, brick, stray bolt taps, and also the liners for tile mould.


Where to Look for Quality Steel Tools?


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