M35 Tool Steel

Common Challenges in Working with M35 Tool Steel and How to Overcome Them

M35 tool steel is an alloy steel. This means that it is made out of iron combined with other metals that give it properties that are uniquely its own. Among the metals combined with iron are molybdenum and cobalt, to name a few.

Role of M35 Tool Steel in High-Speed Cutting Tools

As a form of High-Speed Steel, M35, justifying its name, comes with a mixture of molybdenum and cobalt. It is a niche in the cutting tool industry. It is a new-age substitute for the previously celebrated HSS M2 for a good number of reasons.

Difference between mild steel and high speed steel

What is the difference between mild steel and high speed steel?

High speed steel is a sub category of tool steel that is hugely used as cutting tool material. These have replaced the conventional high carbon steel that was also used as the cutting tool. High speed steel contains tool steel alloys that provide high res

Why Toolox Steel is the Go-To Choice for High-Performance Applications

Advantages of High Speed Steel

A subset of tool steel, high speed steel is referred to as the cutting steel. It is extensively used in drill bits and power saw blades. It is a vast improvement upon the high carbon steel tools which were widely in use during the 1940s. Much like high