Innovations in D3 Steel: Advances in Technology and Manufacturing

Industry experts forecast that the metal industry is going to make a complete evolution post-Covid-19 era. At the same time, demand for steel is going to take a different shape in the next five years.

Maximizing Tool Life with Hot Work Steel: Tips for Proper Maintenance and Care

No matter the type of tool steel you select for any specific application, you need to understand that there might not be any "best" choice. A number of mechanics are choosing hot work steel for various manufacturing procedures due to its versatility.

H11 Steel vs. H13 Steel

H11 Steel vs. H13 Steel: Choosing the Right Alloy for Your Application

Are you exploring the broad world of tool steels in search of the ideal hot work steel for the purpose you have in mind? If you are, it would be helpful for you to recognize the little distinctions between what appear to be the same products.

Maintaining Hot Work Steel Tools: Tips for Prolonging Tool Life

Maintaining hot work steel tools is not easy. You need proper ways to maintain them for prolonged life. There are different ways to maintain your hot work tools optimally. Broadly you can categorize them as preventive measures, maintenance and others. Let

From Factory to Foundry: H13 Steels Impact on Metalworking Industries

Owing to its unmatched resistance to wear and tear, hardenability, and hot hardness, the H13 steel variety offers excellent thermal resistance. It also tolerates water cooling to some extent when put to use. Also, Nitriding the metal helps to improve its

Selection of high speed tool steels

What is High Speed Steel? How to Selection of High Speed Tool Steels

High speed tool steel consists of a set of tool steel alloys that are named because of their quality to cut objects at a much faster rate compared to conventional high carbon steel that was earlier used in cutting tools