The Benefits of Hardening M2 High-Speed Steel Flat Bars for Enhanced Performance

The M2 flat bar earns applause for its unique attributes. Also, upon hardening, this high-speed steel offers several beneficial properties that propel its overall performance. Here is a briefing to discuss the matter further

Benefits of Using Steel Molds in Plastic Molding

From producing car parts to packaging materials as well as medical devices and even toys the demand for high quality plastic is just about everywhere. Manufacturing such products involves a repetitive task. Plastic moulding has become one of the most effe

Guide to Know About the High-Speed Steel for Tools

As a popular material in various industries, HSS or high-speed steel is in demand in various industrial applications. However, it is particularly a material of choice for making drill bits and similar cutting tools.

Steel that Manufacturing Companies use for Plastic Injection Mould

The plastic manufacturing industry is a vital part of the manufacturing industry. The plastic injection moulds, which help create the products, need some special care. In order to shape various products for practical use and also to resist the stress that

Which are the most common D2 cold-work tool steel Applications?

As a versatile high chromium, high carbon and air-hardening tool steel, the D2 variety features a comparatively high hardness and, in the microstructure, contains a lot of carbides and chromium-rich alloys. Such carbides offer a good resistance to tear fr

Experts Explain The Differences Between The 4 Types Of Steel

You might find many manuals and formulas to understand the differences between carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and tool steel. The main difference is the alloying metals and additives the manufacturers mix with iron. However, a detailed study m

	Reliable tool steel

5 qualities to look for a reliable tool steel in India for the business

There is no shortcut to differentiate between a regular tool steel and that of an original one. However, there are a few physical and visual characteristics that can help in better differentiation. For example, tool steel can be more wear-resistant to tea

	Forged steel

Everything you need to know about the use of the forged steel

It does not matter where you go; you can see the existence of forged steel in one form or another. This itself tells how important it is to have forge still in our day-to-day life. And to get the right type of steel for your investment, you have to unders

Hot work tool steel

Maximizing Tool Life with Hot Work Steel: Tips for Proper Maintenance and Care

No matter the type of tool steel you select for any specific application, you need to understand that there might not be any "best" choice. A number of mechanics are choosing hot work steel for various manufacturing procedures due to its versatility.

D3 Steel

Innovations in D3 Steel: Advances in Technology and Manufacturing

Industry experts forecast that the metal industry is going to make a complete evolution post-Covid-19 era. At the same time, demand for steel is going to take a different shape in the next five years.

M35 Tool Steel

Common Challenges in Working with M35 Tool Steel and How to Overcome Them

M35 tool steel is an alloy steel. This means that it is made out of iron combined with other metals that give it properties that are uniquely its own. Among the metals combined with iron are molybdenum and cobalt, to name a few.

H11 Steel vs. H13 Steel

H11 Steel vs. H13 Steel: Choosing the Right Alloy for Your Application

Are you exploring the broad world of tool steels in search of the ideal hot work steel for the purpose you have in mind? If you are, it would be helpful for you to recognize the little distinctions between what appear to be the same products.

Maintaining Hot Work Steel Tools: Tips for Prolonging Tool Life

Maintaining hot work steel tools is not easy. You need proper ways to maintain them for prolonged life. There are different ways to maintain your hot work tools optimally. Broadly you can categorize them as preventive measures, maintenance and others. Let

Role of M35 Tool Steel in High-Speed Cutting Tools

As a form of High-Speed Steel, M35, justifying its name, comes with a mixture of molybdenum and cobalt. It is a niche in the cutting tool industry. It is a new-age substitute for the previously celebrated HSS M2 for a good number of reasons.

Choosing the Right P20 Steel Supplier: Factors to Consider

One of the most popular tool steels in the manufacturing industry, the P20 variety has multiple utilities. In keeping with its ever-surging demand, the market is experiencing a rapid surge in the number of tool steel suppliers.

Maintenance and Care Tips for 1.2738 Tool Steel Moulds: Extending the Lifespan of Your Tools

When mechanics name the most indispensable tools for handling different manufacturing procedures, plastic moulds tend to be a common choice. Justifying the name, these moulds help in making just about any plastic product with the right shape, attractive l

Design Considerations for D3 Steel Tools: Balancing Strength, Stiffness, and Weight

If you are wondering what role a material has when crafting reliable and durable tools, the answer is that it plays a critical role. Among the many different types of materials that is often used in the crafting of tools is D3 steel. It is a type of steel

From Factory to Foundry: H13 Steels Impact on Metalworking Industries

Owing to its unmatched resistance to wear and tear, hardenability, and hot hardness, the H13 steel variety offers excellent thermal resistance. It also tolerates water cooling to some extent when put to use. Also, Nitriding the metal helps to improve its

Future of D3 Steel

The Future of D3 Steel: Innovations and Advancements

Globally, industry experts forecast that the market of kd D3 tool steel is going to increase to a considerable extent, particularly in the next five years. Since 2022, the market has been experiencing a steady expansion.

About heat Treated steels

5 Things You wish you knew About Heat T0072eated Steels

Steel often undergoes heat treatment through thermal, industrial, and metalworking procedures which change the chemical and physical properties of the material. Heat treatment makes High speed steel, one of the most popularly used steels more resistant to

Why Toolox Steel is the Go-To Choice for High-Performance Applications

Advantages of High Speed Steel

A subset of tool steel, high speed steel is referred to as the cutting steel. It is extensively used in drill bits and power saw blades. It is a vast improvement upon the high carbon steel tools which were widely in use during the 1940s. Much like high

Maintain and extend the life of cold work steel tools

How to Maintain and Extend the Life of Cold Work Steel Tools

Cold work steel tools are widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, and automotive. These tools are made of high-quality steel and are used to cut, shape, and form metal components. However, like any other tool, cold work stee

M2 HSS flat bar

What is M2 HSS Flat Bar?

M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) is a type of tool steel that is widely used in the manufacturing industry for making cutting tools and other metal-working tools. It is a molybdenum-type high-speed steel which has substantial tungsten quantity.

Hot work tool steel vs. cold work tool steel

Hot work steel Vs. Cold work steel

Use of the hot work tool steels is ideal when the surface temperature of the tool is very high, approximately 350 to 700°C, while cold work tool steel is ideal for low temperatures (Approximately 200C to 400C).  

M2 tool steel

M2 tool steel, How to choose the M2 tool steel that is most suitable for your company?

Tool steels that contain molybdenum are considered group M steels as per the AISI classification standards. Most of the high speed steel are from group M steel. Group M steel offers the same performance as tungsten high speed steel, but the cost is lower

Cold rolled stainless steel

The 5 Benefits of Using Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Products

Cold rolling is a strictly hardening procedure that is used for altering the structure of metals. It is popularly used for processing stainless steel. Cold rolled steel is often alternatively known as CRS. It is famous in many industries for being an extr

Titanium Material

Titanium Material: A Useful Guide for Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping in production and manufacturing works include a series of procedures, such as – 3D printing, CNC machining or injection moulding. However, the discerning factor behind choosing between these procedures is the material to be used.

Selection of high speed tool steels

What is High Speed Steel? How to Selection of High Speed Tool Steels

High speed tool steel consists of a set of tool steel alloys that are named because of their quality to cut objects at a much faster rate compared to conventional high carbon steel that was earlier used in cutting tools

Basic guide to cutting tool materials

Basic Guide To Cutting Tool Materials (How To Choose)

Depending on what kind of cutting tool one is using, the cutting efficiency, speed, and results are determined. This is a well-researched and reasonable process that impacts processing cost, tool consumption, surface quality, and size of the machining acc

Difference between mild steel and high speed steel

What is the difference between mild steel and high speed steel?

High speed steel is a sub category of tool steel that is hugely used as cutting tool material. These have replaced the conventional high carbon steel that was also used as the cutting tool. High speed steel contains tool steel alloys that provide high res

Tips on buying steel

Tips on buying steel: online

Steel ranks as the second most used commodity in the world, following crude oil. It consists primarily of iron and carbon. Carbon content in steel, however, depends highly on the grade of steel.

Best tool steel suppliers

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Tool Steel Suppliers

Tool steel is heavily used in various industries such as – forging, dying, automobile, aeronautics, etc. Tool steel is popular for its robustness, durability, and various other properties which makes it so demanding in the market.

Hot work tool steel vs. cold work tool steel

Hot Work Tool Steel vs. Cold Work Tool Steel-Which one is right for me

Choosing the best steel to manufacture tools is an important job. There are different types of steel available in the market. Each tool is designed to perform a special task in specific conditions.

Tool steel for mold cavities

How to Select the Right Tool Steel for Mold Cavities

There are many criteria that must be considered while selecting tool steel for mold cavities. Some of these include the type of molding material, expected volume, maintenance, and cost of the tool.

Tool steel applications

Tool Steel Applications and Grades

Tool steel is used for manufacturing tools like machine dies and hand tools. It is a type of carbon alloy steel. Tool steel has properties like resistance to abrasion and hardness. It can keep its shape at a higher temperature. Since this material offers

Choose the right material for your project

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Project?

Various categories of tool steel are available in the market – hot work steel, cold work steel, high speed, air hardening, water hardening, P-type, etc. There are, in fact, subcategories as well. All of these can be extremely overwhelming for anyone who i

types of cutting tools materials

Different types of cutting tools materials

Cutting tool materials are extensively used in various industries which deal in the cutting of hard metals etc. One of the basic features of it is that it should be harder compared to the material it is cutting. The tools are often used at high temperatur

About buying tool steel

All You Need To Know About Buying Tool Steel

Steel supplies have been in huge demand for the past few years. Other than the mainstream industries, tool steel has recently become quite popular for repair work or making other items. From construction to automobiles, steel is used in a variety of other

About H13 Tool Steel

Everything To Know About H13 Tool Steel

Do you know what tool steel is? It is a variety of carbon and alloy steel that are used for tool making. Tool steels carry characteristics like distinctive hardness, deformation resistance, and suitability at elevated temperatures. Because of their unique